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i wonder if media will ever make a brake with their tradition to create trafficking hysteria prior to every major sport event? i find it really painful to watch that there are so many morons who are willing to buy into this crap and especially into the 40k figure. in my humble opinion it’s pathetic and seriously disturbing. get a grip folks! if you really think that you are helping to raise awareness about the issue of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation then think again.

so, with this in mind i would urge every Bindel-like bigot and every other obsessive-maniac throwing tantrums and crying about wooden shacks built around stadiums, where thousands of women are going to be raped by drunk, violent and gushing with testosterone male football fans, to cut the shit; and stop blabbering nonsense which is only a product of some seriously unhealthy fantasies and to start listening instead.

a briefing paper from Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women published in 2009 “Trafficking in Persons and the 2010 Olympics” (pdf) could be a good place to start:

“The link between trafficked persons – particularly trafficking into the sex industry – and large sporting events is not new. The link is based on the assumption that there is “a huge rise in demand for cheap sex around large sporting events”, and while this assumption continues to gain international attention, trafficking for this purpose is largely unfounded. Data from previous sporting events indicates that an increase of trafficking in persons into forced prostitution does not occur around sporting events.”

the report also indicates that:

“A major concern regarding anti-trafficking campaigns that focus on trafficking for forced prostitution during international sporting is that these campaigns can have very harmful effects on the very people they aim to protect.”

but what about Germany? did the German authorities manage to dismantle little Bindel-towns of “wooden “performance boxes” resembling toilets” that have been built for the purpose of exploitation? well, they didn’t have to because according to report by the International Organization for Migration, “Trafficking in Human Beings and the 2006 World Cup Germany” (pdf), published in 2006, even though:

“Prior to the World Cup in Germany in 2006, there was considerable international concern that this event would contribute to a sharp increase in trafficking for sexual exploitation. Media reports suggested that prostitution would increase and that up to 40,000 women might be trafficked.”


“It is concluded that the 40,000 estimate was unfounded and unrealistic.”

surprise, surprise.

in any case a year later Council of the European Union published two reports in relation to Germany 2006 World Cup. and on the page 5 of the first report (5006/1/07) we can find some more specific numbers:

“Of the 33 investigation cases reported to the Federal Criminal Police Office on the grounds of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and/or the promotion of human trafficking and which took place at the time of the 2006 World Cup, only five cases were assumed to have a direct link to the 2006 World Cup. In these five cases, five victims of human trafficking were found, four women and one man. The victims were all between 18 and 21 years of age and came from Bulgaria (2 women, both 20 years old), Hungary (one man, 20 years old), the Czech Republic (one woman, 19 years old) and Germany (one woman, 19 years old).

There were also no reports of any significant increase in the number of illegal stays in connection with the practice of prostitution.”

the second report (5008/7) confirmed these findings and went further to state that:

“In line with the police’s observations also the special counselling centres did not observe an increase in forced prostitution, but a decrease (cf. BMI, Report on Trafficking in Human Beings for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation in Connection with the FIFA Word Cup 2006 in Germany, 2006).”

hmm, pretty embarrassing isn’t it? how can we possibly be so stupid to buy into this bullshit every single time some major sporting event is being organised? I’ll leave the answer to that question for those more knowledgeable than i could ever possibly be.

however, for those academically perplexed here’s a list of few other informative resources on the subject: