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three things come to my mind when i think about The Great Drag Race.

first, i find it pretty sad and ironic that men have to dress up as women to grab attention and raise awareness about disease that kills more than ten thousand men each year.

according to Prostate Cancer Research Foundation’s website:

“Prostate cancer kills almost as many men as breast cancer kills women, and yet 70% of us don’t even know what the prostate is. That’s a shocking statistic. Men are dying unnecessarily because they are unaware of the symptoms of prostate cancer and because they are not aware of the risk factors involved. Experts agree that this is partly due to a lack of funding and media attention and partly because men are not very good at talking about such delicate matters.”


(source: Prostate Cancer Research Foundation’s website, © 2010 The X Foundation)

second, having in mind that “behind every great woman there is a man checking out her ass”, i would say that it might be a good idea to … well guys …. yes it does sound a bit prosaic, but …. start checking your own asses instead of those belonging to the ladies.

thirdly and above all it was great FUN! … i mean the race.

(and here’s facebook page with more pictures and info)