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Interesting post appeared yesterday on At last … the 1709 Copyright Blog, which is not that unusual since at least from my point of view it is essentially an interesting blog; however, the post itself at first sight might seem untypical for that blog.

There, discussing Hamburg Declaration’ (pdf), which according to the author is ‘both reactionary and progressive’ we read:

‘A big part of it is ACAP (the Automated Content Access Protocol) though that’s only half the story, the progressive half.’

So far so good, but further we learn about what author identify as “reactionary” part of European Publishers Council’s plans presented to EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media, Viviane Reding.

Angela Mills Wade, Executive Director of the European Publishers Council, told me they are not looking for new legislation. What they want to do is counter ‘a very loud voice out there that says that there should be no laws for the internet, that is entirely anti-copyright and that thinks that copyright will destroy the ethos of the net’.

And this is the point, which I must admit I fail to understand. For, it seems to me that the author expresses views, which are somewhat untypical for At last … the 1709 Copyright Blog. What I mean by this is that both terms, “reactionary” and “progressive” indicate some particular value judgment placed on proposals discussed in the article and are not mere (neutral) statements of move (progress) in certain (potential) direction.

Nevertheless, a closer look at author’s assertions as to what is “progressive” and what “reactionary” seems to show that none of the statements should be considered in terms of “approval” or “disapproval” and that we should regard this particular use of both words as rather unfortunate accident.

Shouldn’t we?

For those interested, here is the Hamburg Declaration’